My specialty here at Made by Madison is weddings! Everything from invitations to custom gifts, from envelope addressing to giant chalk art, if you need something designed and made for your wedding, I'm your girl. Everything can be customized and personalized and we will work together to create the perfect product that is just right for you. Check out some of my inspiration suites to help you come up with styles and products that you're looking for. Then shoot me an email and we can start working together to make your ideas come to life.

Made by Madison is a welcoming and inclusive business to all kinds of love. Working in custom wedding design, I wanted to make sure queer and straight couples alike, could feel comfortable working with me and not be judged or discriminated against, but welcomed. I created a campaign to communicate that to interested clients and welcome other wedding business to do the same. You can check out the campaign here. You can check out some examples of my custom wedding design work below


Modern and Playful

Allie and Hannah

"Allie and Hannah share a love of creativity and beauty. Allie, a makeup artist, and Hannah, a photographer, met on the set of a photo shoot one day and the rest is history. A shared passion for flowers has brought them closer together. What started out as a few pots in their first apartment together, has grown to be a luscious flower garden in their new backyard. They spend many hours together in their garden taking care of their beautiful flowers. Allie is Korean and identifies as a lesbian woman and Hannah is white and identifies as a bisexual woman."

Products included: 
photo 1: invitations, rsvp cards, thank you cards, addressed envelopes
photo 2: reminder magnets, place cards, menus, table numbers, book of vows
photo 3: framed art piece


Classic and Elegant

Mateo and Benjamin

“After nearly thirty years together, Mateo and Benjamin decided to tie the knot in an idyllic wedding ceremony. They lived together in lower Manhattan during most of their relationship and just recently moved to Portland to be closer to their kids. Matt is a concert pianist and choir director and Ben is an art curator for museums and galleries. They love the classic beauty of black and white mimicking crisp black and white tuxedos. The image of torn paper has been meaningful in their relationship. They describe it as "much like love, imperfect but strangely beautiful.” Their wedding rings also play off of this sentimental idea, resembling the edges of torn paper. Matt is Latino and identifies as a gay man and Ben is white and identifies as a bisexual man.”

Products included: invitations, rsvp cards, thank you cards, addressed envelopes


Clean and Simple

Sam and Olivia

“Sam and Olivia are an energetic and lively couple. Both passionate about social justice, when they met through mutual friends, they hit it off right away. Since then they have been completely inseparable, and with Sam being there for Olivia through her transition, their bond has become even stronger. Sam is a kindergarten teacher at a charter school and Olivia is an actress and trans activist. Sam and Olivia want a bright and colorful wedding to match their playful personalities. Sam is white and identifies as a genderqueer non binary pansexual person and Olivia is black and identifies as a lesbian trans woman.”

Products included: invitations, rsvp cards, thank you cards, addressed envelopes


Vibrant and Energentic

Emma and Skye

“Emma and Skye met late one night in a restaurant. Emma was grabbing a drink after being at the office late working on a case, and hit it off with Skye, who actually owned the restaurant and was the head chef. Emma is senior counsel at an environmental law firm. Skye is a chef and brewer and owns her own restaurant and brewery.  Getting married in nature is really important to Emma as well as Skye, so they choose to get married at the beach. They also love painting together to bond and relieve stress. It has become a big part of their relationship and very meaningful to them. They want it incorporated in their wedding in many ways. Emma is white and identifies as a bisexual woman and Skye is white and identifies as a genderfluid queer person.”

Products included: invitations, rsvp cards, thank you cards, addressed envelopes